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Information about accessibility


From public transport (bus) it is 15 min walk on mostly flast gravel road to the camp. It is possible to be picked up by car if you need it, please reach out to us beforehand at takeconcreteaction@riseup.net.


The camp will have access to both indoor and outdoor area, where most of the camp will take place outdoors. The ground there is somewhat uneven grass.

The entrence of the building has a secured ramp with a gentle slope.

Doorways in the building measure 80 cm wide (apart from in to the indoor bathrooms, 70cm, see more info under ’hygien’ below). One of the two rooms for sleeping on the floor and the indoor bathrooms are reached by two steps of stairs.

4 beds are available indoors, 2 of these are loft beds in bunk beds. There is also space on the floor in two rooms that will be used for people to sleep in, one of which has two steps to access it.

The camp is sorroundered by forest, where there is good oppurtunity to get away from the business of the camp in favour of landing in silence and stillness. The ground there, though, is not cleared or flat. 


2 showers, indoors, reached by a long staircase.

Water for drinking and washing hands are available both outdoors and indoors.


1 accessible porta pottie outdoors, pictures of what the porta potties will look like can be found here: https://www.toabolaget.se/galleri/

2 non-accessible porta potties outdoors

2 small bathrooms indoors. There are a staircase with two steps leading up to them, and the doorway measures 70 cm wide. They are not menstrual cup or tampoon safe, since the sink is placed outside the booth door. They do however have a bin each.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served on the 15/6-18/6, and breakfast on the 19/6.

The food will be vegan.

Info on allergenes: The major allergens that will be in the food are wheat and as a optional side/topping peanuts. There wont be any other nuts, soy or animal products. If you have any allergies/intolerances contact us so that we can accommodate for them by emailing tcagbg@riseup.net and title the email ”food”.

There is a grocery store 30 min walk away.


We have a very low capacity to work with accessability for acitivities outside the camp.

There is electricity and wifi in the camp.

There will be a Well-being tent where you can turn for logistical, bodily, mental, and social support.

If you have any questions about accesabilty please email us at takeconcreteaction@riseup.net

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